Build Bigger Chest Workout

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When thinking about Build Bigger Chest Workout, three main exercises come to mind, flat bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press. But, there are more exercises that can benefit the growth of your chest muscles and they can be fun. You can do exercises with rubber bands, bodyweight, free weights, and machines.

Build bigger chest workout is something you will find out about here, why to do it, how to do it, and more. Using different types of equipment helps build those muscles faster and more efficiently, and having them is not beneficial only for strength, it also gives better posture, the person looks taller, and the bigger chest just looks great, the majority of women like it.

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How To Get Those Muscles Working

Build Bigger Chest Workout - cables

Just a lot of reps won’t do it here, the approach to chest muscles has to be a little different. First thing, it is very important to warm up properly to avoid any possible injuries, reps have to vary (they can’t be the same all the time), the tempo of exercising has to be alternated and maybe the most important thing is time under tension, in other words, time that muscles spend under tension during exercising. Incorporating Tabata or HIIT exercising into your workout can speed up things significantly too.

Reasons You Are Not Getting Any Results

Not warming up properly or having the wrong form during the workout can stop you from getting the results you are working so hard for. Using the wrong technique and pumping a lot of fast reps is something that is not going to give you the results you want. Best results can be achieved when movements are slow, controlled, and with the maximum amount of time under tension, you will find out about that in this build bigger chest workout guide.

Chest Building Exercises


Build Bigger Chest Workout - push up

Position yourself on your toes and hands. Hands should be beneath the shoulders and elbows right next to your body and start lowering until you touch the floor and push your body back up. Do not position your hands too wide, they are supposed to be beneath the shoulders. There is also a variation with your feet in the elevated position but everything else is done the same, it is called decline push-up.

Incline Push-ups

Build Bigger Chest Workout - incline push up


This is very similar to the regular push-up, even easier. The difference is that you need to have a bench or to find something elevated where you can put your hands instead of the ground. For a home workout, stairs could do the trick since you can put your feet at the base of the stairs and hands at the stair that is aligned with your chest. You should position your body at 45 degrees and your hands should be a bit wider than they are when doing a regular push-up.

Cable Fly

Build Bigger Chest Workout - cable fly

With this exercise you can give your muscles a bit different workout from just pushing, you are actually pulling here. It provides constant tension to the muscles. This can be done with the help of the cable crossover machine but for people doing their workouts at home, you can use rubber bands anchored to the door.


Build Bigger Chest Workout - dips

To burn excessive fat in your chest area dips are a great exercise to do. Dips provide a workout for the chest and whole upper body, your arms, shoulders, and upper back. This kind of exercise can be done in a gym or if you are doing it at home you can use the Power Tower. Of course, with the help of this Build Bigger Chest Workout plan, you will increase your chances of success.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Build Bigger Chest Workout - barbell

In the incline position, pressing works especially on the clavicular head of your chest. In essence, it makes your pecs pop. It is done lying on your back on the bench at the angle and lifting the barbell this way. There is also a variation to this exercise called close grip barbell bench press, the difference is that you hold the barbell with hands next to each other, it puts less strain on the shoulders. It can be done at home with rubber bands in a standing position by pushing the bands forward, bands have to be anchored behind you.

Dumbbell Press

Build Bigger Chest Workout - dumbbell

This one is almost the same as barbell press except you squeeze your hands together when your arms are in the upper position, the easiest way to do it is to make dumbbells touch each other when you have the arms fully extended.


Some Aditional Advice

It is very hard to build any muscles if you don’t eat enough, nutrition is the key if you want those muscles to be able to grow. They need all macronutrients, but proteins the most.

Get enough rest, muscles grow when you sleep not when you exercise. Be realistic about your goals, building a bigger chest doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process and a realistic gain is about 2lbs of lean muscles a month. Be patient and know that chest and muscles change as you get older.

Build Bigger Chest Workout - gym

Also, try a few times doing your training at a different time of the day, some people get better results during the morning hours and some during the evening or night. We are all different so try to find what time works the best for you. If you are taking supplements like whey protein, the best time to consume them is after the training, taking them during the workout uses your energy for digestion and that isn’t what we want since that energy is needed for training at that time.

During the training, the body is under a lot of stress so make sure you are wearing comfortable footwear and clothes.

What Does It All Come To?

To be successful in building those much-wanted chest muscles you need to eat and sleep enough, at least six hours minimum. Training has to consist of compound exercises, bodyweight, or equipment assisted. In this case, patience is a virtue, as they say. It takes time and a lot of work to achieve your goals, maybe even dieting first if you are overweight and then building the muscles. It will all be worth it in the end, just set reasonable goals and work on them as shown in this build bigger chest workout guide.

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  1. Wow! This is an amazing article on how to build a bigger chest, never read something more comprehensive and specific! In my family we are all very passionate about sport, and we are always looking for the opinions of experts. All those you listed are very good exercises, and they don’t seem to require complicated equipment – or not necessarily. So, thank you so much. I’ll make reference to and suggest your website, for sure!

    • There is a lot of confusion about which exercise is for which muscle group, so just wanted to simplify it a bit. Thanks.


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