C5i Upright Stationary Bike Review

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Want to make your own indoor cycling training plans? If so, then read on the review of a perfect upright stationary bike that will allow you to do exactly what you need.

Name:        C5i Upright Stationary Bike

Website:    lifespanfitness.com

Price:          $1.699,00

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - the lookResidential

Warranty:  Frame: Lifetime

Parts: 5 Years

Labor: 2 Years


Warranty:   Four hours of maximum daily usage

 Frame: 5 Years

 Parts: 2 Years

 Labor: 1 Year

Rank:           90 out of 100

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C5i Upright Bike, Product Overview

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - seat

The Lifespan C5i Upright Stationary Bike is one of the best portable stationary bikes out there and it comes from LifeSpan, a renowned company that produces excellent exercise equipment. It offers benefits like comfort, durability, and ease of use while being affordable. This bike is an impact-free machine and allows users to make his/her own indoor cycling training plans.

The bike is equipped with a self-generating power system so there is no need for batteries or a power cord. 18 Ibs flywheel and 16 levels of resistance with a magnetic eddy current resistance system make it a perfect piece of equipment for a home indoor workout. The oversized, padded seat and self-balancing pedals with adjustable straps provide great comfortability for the user.

Its 2 rear-mounted wheels for easy mobility and storage offer ease of movement around the house. C5i supports the weight of the user up to 400 lbs and has 19 seat positions to adjust the height for every user. Bluetooth connectivity is also one of the features to help you train on this bike. Connecting it to the phone you get music and active track that is supported by google fit and apple health used for performance results data.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1- self-balancing pedals

PRO #2- affordable as it is under $1000

PRO #3- self-generating power system

PRO #4- comfortable oversized seat

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - adjustment

PRO #5- premium long-lasting quality steel frame

PRO #6- compact size and lightweight (99.2 lbs)

PRO #7- BlueTooth connectivity

PRO #8- easy to move

PRO #9- a variety of programs

PRO #10- commercial components

PRO #11- impact-free workout

The Bad:

CON #1- no cooling fan

CON #2- no chest strap

Who is C5i Upright Bike For?

The C5i Upright Stationary Bike is designed to benefit all those that intend to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise in the comfort of their home when the time to do so suits them the most. It is a great tool for everyone who wants to remain fit or lose weight and works perfectly for the cardiovascular system too.

C5i Upright Bike Features

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - consoleConsole– it has a multi-color LCD with simultaneous readouts, exercise program names, and profiles are shown on the screen along with the personal data like calories, rpm, distance, date and time, workout time, speed, resistance level, and watts. The console is equipped with large, soft-touch keys — start, enter, up/down arrow keys, and QuickSet button. There is also a heart rate monitor connected to contact heart rate sensors, which is providing heart rate control in real-time.

Programs– with C5i Upright Bike you can create indoor cycling training plans as it comes with 34 exercise programs. Those already included programs are divided into groups- Weight Loss, Sports Training, and Active Living. In addition, there are two heart rate training programs; Interval Heart Rate and Constant Heart Rate.

For the interval program user sets a minimum and maximum heart rate and that’s it, the bike takes care of the rest navigating you through the console monitor.

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - programs

For a constant heart rate program user sets one heart rate target and the bike is adjusting resistance to keep you at the goal. If none of the preset programs suits you, there are two Customer User Program options where users can create his/her own training program based on the level of their fitness abilities and needs.

C5i Upright Bike Specifications

Flywheel                  18 lbs.

Seat                          Molded, Contoured Seat

Seat Adjustment     Height – 19 Positions

Resistance System  Magnetic – Eddy Current

Resistance Levels   16

Programs                  4 heart rate, 2 customized and 34 preset programs (10 weight management, 10 healthy living, 14 sports training)

Pedals                       Self Balancing, Adjustable Straps

Transport                  2 Rear-Mounted Wheels for Easy Mobility and Storage

Dimensions              40.5″ L x 28″ W x 56.5″ H

Max. User Weight    400 lbs.

Net Weight               99.2 lbs.

Box Dimensions:      31″ L x 15″W x 35″ H

C5i Upright Bike Price

At the moment, the price of C5i is $1.699,00 which makes this commercial-grade bike the best buy. There is a lot of other indoor bikes that are cheaper but none of them have that kind of performance, quality, durability, and other features like preset programs in ratio to the price. Another nice thing about it is free shipping. Buying one of these will allow you to get on with your indoor cycling training plans immediately.

The Verdict of C5i Upright Bike

C5i Upright Bike is one of the best indoor training bikes on the market. This commercial-grade machine gives you impact-free training for all your goals and a variety of programs provide a real choice. It is suited for anyone no matter the age or fitness level. A comfortable seat makes exercising on it easily and pleasurable, you won’t want your workout to come to an end.

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - transport

Bluetooth makes it possible to upload and view your exercise data to your smartphone and determine what are you doing right or wrong. The commercial bottom bracket with oversized bearings and strong, cast-metal components make it quiet and reliable. The attached wheels give this piece of equipment an easy moving ability. The self-generating power system is great, there is no need for a power supply, so you can use it in any part of the house regardless of wall power sockets, no need for batteries that have to be replaced every couple of months, taking money out of your pocket.

Considering all the features and abilities of this amazing bike including making your own indoor cycling training plans, I can absolutely conclude that if you are serious about your health and fitness, and especially if by any chance you really like cycling, you should get one of these. Having that kind of equipment at home provides a huge amount of benefits and it would be a great addition to anyone’s home gym.

C5I BIKE indoor cycling training schedule - CTA

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