Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet

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When we think about Diet the first thing that pops up is losing weight, but the Easy Follow Mediterranean diet is a little bit different. The Mediterranean diet plan samples on this page will help you get started on the journey to lose weight or should I say burn away that stubborn fat. But Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - bread

it is most beneficial for heart health. It is based on the way of eating like it is and has been done traditionally in the countries around the Mediterranean sea, some of them being Greece, Italy, Spain…

It differs from country to country depending on available foods, but with the same bases. Sharing a meal with the family and enjoying yourself is an important aspect of this diet.

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Mostly Plant-based

Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - veggies

Here you will find out how to easy follow Mediterranean diet, its benefits, and a lot more. This way of eating is mostly plant-based, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, seafood, nuts herbs, beans, legumes, and olive oil are the main ingredients. Red meat, sugary foods, and dairy are supposed to be limited or avoided, although yogurt, cheese, poultry, and eggs are allowed.

Processed food and fast food are not included in this way of eating and should be avoided at all costs. A very nice thing about it is that a moderate amount of red wine is allowed which is a great benefit to most people, let’s face it, we all like to indulge ourselves sometimes, right?

How Does It Work?

The Mediterranean diet is not so much a diet per se, it is more a way of eating. People in those regions were eating food they could acquire and after some time it became obvious that it is a healthy way that benefits cardiovascular and heart health a great deal.

There are not so many restrictions in the Mediterranean diet plan like in some other diets, it developed naturally through the years in the regions this diet comes from, that is the main reason why it is one of the most popular diets today and very easy to follow. People living in the Mediterranean parts of the world have the lowest rate of heart disease and cancers.

Weight Loss With Mediterranean Diet Plan

This way of eating wasn’t primarily designed for weight loss, but it just happens that it is maybe the best way of keeping those pounds down or should I say under control. With all the diets known Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - sea food

today, some of them even very popular I have to say that this one is not some fast miracle but it is maybe the most sustainable one out there.

Eating Mediterranean food is absolutely delicious, unrestricted and something we all enjoy a great deal especially when we are on holiday, right? It’s often something we want, not something we must, and that is where it comes to the top. When eating this way you don’t have to count calories, it’s not necessary, you can rather just have a good time eating healthy food. Now, I’m not saying that other diets don’t work, far from it.

For instance, the Keto diet is one of the very effective ones and pretty fast, but it is a struggle to follow it, needs a lot of discipline, and there is so much you can’t eat. So, this easy follow Mediterranean diet will help you lose weight and be more healthy, but it is not fast and takes time, well, we all know that nothing good in life comes fast.

What To Eat on a Mediterranean Diet Plan?

Easy follow Mediterranean diet foods:

Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - fishOlive oil- It contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are a healthy replacement for saturated fats. Olive oil is great for lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Walnuts- improve digestive health since they act favorably to gut microbes. They are also full of heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats and LDL cholesterol.

Salmon- is the main source of healthy omega-3 fat, great for the heart. According to the experts, we should eat at least two meals high in omega-3 fats every week.

Pomegranate- this fruit is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances and it is believed it has anti-cancer properties.

Lentils- help lower blood glucose by up to 20 percent as opposed to other starchy food.

Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - clampsGreek Yogurt- is packed with calcium and as opposed to other dairy products it is very beneficial in this way

There is a lot of other food like avocado, blueberries, broccoli, chia, seeds, flaxseed, kale, quinoa, strawberries, farro, arugula, and others that are beneficial to this diet.

Other Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet Plan

It is great for the heart and cardiovascular health, it lowers bad cholesterol and the possibility of some cancers like breast cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. It protects against Type2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar, and this diet is packed with antioxidants which is a great thing for anyone.

Difficulties Around The Mediterranean Diet

Dairy products are limited and thus getting enough calcium could be difficult for some people, if you love milk and dairy this could be a problem for you.

Alcohol is also limited, it is OK to have a glass or two of red wine but this could be a problem for some folks too.

Be careful with fats, they are allowed but don’t overdo it.

The Mediterranean diet is all about cooking and preparing fresh ingredients, which means you will have to spend some time in the kitchen and maybe learn new skills. No ready-to-eat meals from the store I’m afraid.

One Or Two Recipe Samples of Mediterranean Diet Plan

Recipe 1

Breakfast- Greek yogurt, berries, and little honey

Snack- Moderate amount of almonds

Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - pomegranateLunch- Tuna with greens, a glass of wine

Snack- Olives (moderate amount)

Dinner- Chicken breast, a salad made with corrugates, tomato, and cucumbers

Recipe 2

Breakfast- Whole-grain bread with a boiled egg and some fruit

Snack- Moderate amount of cashews

Lunch- Beans salad with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and a balsamic vinegar

Easy Follow Mediterranean Diet - fruitSnack- Almonds

Dinner- Whitefish fried in olive oil and garlic, spiraled corrugates, and sweet potatoes

Is It Worthy?

The Mediterranean diet plan has many great long-term benefits, it is not fast but it is maybe the most sustainable with excellent results for heart, cardiovascular, dementia, diabetes, cancer, and many more chronic diseases of our modern time. This easy follow Mediterranean diet doesn’t have so many restrictions as other diets.

Weight loss can be tricky, but with this diet, it shouldn’t be a problem. Mental health doesn’t suffer because you can have a variety of foods. Following the Mediterranean diet plan of eating you can have the food most of us love anyway, the difference from other diets is you can have it every day.

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