What is HIIT Workout For Elliptical?

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Considering cardio, the majority of people think about long and dull runs on a treadmill or never-ending pedaling on the exercise bike. However, recently the hype in cardio training is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which changes between really high-intensity workouts, with either a low-intensity workout or rest. This HIIT workout for elliptical isn’t like 30 to 60 minutes of constant steady-state cardio that is mostly done on cardio devices. Instead of that, HIIT comes into play here and you are doing it on an elliptical exercise machine.

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Advantages of HIIT Exercise On Elliptical Exercise Machine

HIIT Workout For Elliptical - equipmentHIIT workout for elliptical takes much less time than typical cardio exercise, but at the same time offers the very same, if not better outcomes.

– Raising your metabolic rate so you can use extra calories throughout the workout and also after it, at rest

– Raised aerobic as well as anaerobic pathways, which benefits you to make use of and intake a lot more oxygen throughout the steady-state workout and also assists you to endure anaerobic activity for longer time intervals

– Capability to go through training plateaus

– Greater EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which converts into greater and also longer fat burning after the workout is already over

Great Setup Possibilities And Body Movement

HIIT can be done on any kind of cardio device that permits you to alternate your speed or resistance. While treadmills have an option for speed as well as incline, and bikes can raise speed and resistance, the elliptical exercise machine has extra functions that allow you to change speed and incline, as well as resistance.

You could also include an upper-body workout if you have an elliptical exercise machine with arm handles. If you can go through a minimum of half an hour of low to moderate cardio activity on any kind of cardio device, you can do HIIT on the elliptical exercise machine.

The elliptical exercise machine was developed to simulate a running movement in a low-impact environment, and that’s precisely what it does efficiently. If you have injuries that stop you from high-impact activities, the elliptical exercise machine is awesome cardio as well as stamina equipment.

Two Main Points

To prevent losing time, poor effort, and little or no results, have these two important points in mind.

Increase The Intensity

Did you ever hear of the misconception that the elliptical doesn’t provide as good exercise as a treadmill? That isn’t true as long as you increase the resistance and raise the workout speed. So, initially, find out how to adjust the resistance and the incline on your elliptical exercise machine. Not all ellipticals have that option, you need to definitely make use of it if yours does.

Resistance is the most important thing when training on the elliptical, so as soon as you get accustomed to it, be sure to use it. Similarly, if your elliptical exercise machine has an incline, ensure that you take advantage of it. If the incline is greater, you’ll be working your glutes more.

Form Of Exercising

You won’t get what you should out of your workout if you aren’t making use of your elliptical exercise machine the right way. The same as with running, form, and posture are essential. Even if you’re an expert on elliptical, a form needs to be just right, or you could plateau.

Before HIIT

Starting your workout, you have to stand on the pedal with a whole foot, don’t stand on your toes. Stand with firm posture, hips, and shoulders in line, and shoulders don’t have to be tightened up, loosen them up. Put your hands gently on the handrails, but with pressing as well as pulling in mind to work your arms, upper body, and back, with the main force originating from your legs, glutes, and core.

While it might appear odd in the beginning, you need to simulate the natural running movement when using the device. The elliptical exercise machine was developed to give the same movement as running, with lesser impact.

How to do HIIT Workout For Elliptical Exercise Machine

When you observe a HIIT workout, it’s a back-and-forth between bursts of power as well as recovery, and rest time. Even HIIT Workout For Elliptical - gym setif you’re a beginner at HIIT workouts, you can still do these sorts of intervals.


For the first 5 minutes on the elliptical exercise machine, you need to concentrate on getting the body ready to do the exercise. Spend 5 minutes pedaling at a low-to-moderate speed to raise body temperature and prepare the body for a lot more intense work. After that spend a few minutes finding the best adjustment of the device’s resistance level, incline, and speed, or perhaps a mix of these to discover your true effort.

HIIT workout for elliptical infographic
Data and source provided by Women’s Health


The exercise contains low and high intensities for the recommended time period. The brief, intense work phase must be at the maximum, work with high intensity for 30 seconds.

Throughout the low-intensity recovery stage, decrease the resistance, incline, and also speed to a rate that allows you to catch your breath, this stage should last for 1 minute. You should repeat it all together 10 times before cool-down. When your health and fitness level improves and you have the ability to recover quicker, gradually lower the period of the recovery time.


Set the speed, incline, and resistance a little less than your low-intensity setup. Try to bring your heart rate down to the normal level as well as slow down your breathing before leaving the machine.


By including high-intensity intervals in your elliptical exercise machine session, you will save time and speed up the results. Also, in these modern times, when we are all so busy, HIIT is great because it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can do it in the comfort of your home when you have time for it, so there is no need to organize your life around your workout, quite the opposite. Try out different variants of HIIT workout for elliptical and your body will certainly be thankful.

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