Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

Ideal Proportions Calculator – Find out what your ideal body proportions are by entering your wrist size (centimeters) in the box. Then hit the calculate button and your ideal body proportions will be shown. It is done by the wrist circumference formula McCallum. The McCallum formula was created by Dr. David R. McCallum and is the most widely used wrist size formula for calculating the ideal body proportions.

This formula was created by expert methodist John McCallum. It’s based on the wrist girth:

  1. 6.5 waist girth is a chest girth.
  2. Waist girth equals 70% of chest.
  3. 53% of the chest equal to hip girth.
  4. Neck is equal to 37% of chest girth.
  5. Biceps is equal to 36% of chest girth.
  6. Lower leg is equal to 34%.
  7. Forearm girth is equal to 29% of chest girth.