In Home Weight Loss Workouts–Power Tower

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When we are thinking about in home weight loss workouts, one piece of equipment that comes to mind is a Power Tower. It is maybe the most useful thing for the entire body fitness someone can have at home. With the possibility of training in a very small space, it is a handy tool for a living room or any other part of your house/apartment.

It offers specific workouts based on bodyweight training, with possible progression with weighted vests or other ways of adding weight to your body. Power Tower can be used in home weight loss workouts, building muscles, and getting shaped, or you can just add it as a new piece of equipment to a home gym. In any case, it’s a must-have tool.

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In the beginning, it is going to be hard to do the reps but be persistent and in time it’s going to get easier. When starting you can try doing assisted exercises. For that you will need loop-style resistance bands, attach one end of the band on a bar of a power tower, and step in the other end of the band. This will assist in doing pull-ups and chin-ups by making it easier in the beginning. As you progress use thinner bands to the point where you don’t need one anymore.

Body Parts And Exercises

As stated before, it is a full-body workout tool that allows training of your:

Abs – for this muscle group power towers offer the possibility of doing vertical knee raises, a very effective way of working on abs and obliques.

Chest – every good tower has a pair of handles at the base, which is used to be able to lower the body when doing push-ups.

Back, Biceps and Shoulders – power towers have a pull-up bar on the top, which makes it great workout equipment for pull-ups and chin-ups

Triceps – to shape and tone the triceps is very easy on this kind of tool because it allows doing triceps dips

Benefits Of Power Tower

When training there is always a possibility of occasional injury, but bodyweight training on a power tower reduces that possibility. It isn’t absolutely danger-free but it’s far lower than training with weights for example. Experts recommend it since it gets the heart rate up and gives a full-body workout without the need for additional machines and equipment. The tower fits well in any part of your home, it is easy to store and most of them are very compact. They are very economical, it indeed costs more than monthly membership in a gym, but if we think how much would we spend through a year, it is a lot cheaper. Also, no need to spend more money on additional machines.

Power tower helps you lose fat, tone and build muscles, and straighten the core. All of that together leads to having a more productive and healthier life.

Different Manufacturers


In Home Weight Loss Workouts – Power TowerWeider is one of the top brands in fitness equipment producers. It’s been around for 25 years, and they produce all kinds of gym gear, machines, and home gym equipment.


In Home Weight Loss Workouts – Power Tower with benchAs a quality manufacturer, they serve large numbers of people around the globe. They started in 1987. and are determent to be better than anyone else. As a leading brand, they offer some of the best home training equipment.

Xmark Fitness

In Home Weight Loss Workouts – Power Tower pushu-up handlesPower towers this company is manufacturing are in thousands of home gyms, with extremely satisfied owners. The products they are offering are versatile, durable, and extremely functional.

A 30-minute Workout On The Power Tower

  1. Warm-up 5 minutes (jumping jacks or burpees)
  2. Pull-ups 10 reps
  3. Push-ups 15 reps
  4. Triceps dips 15 reps
  5. Chin-ups 10 reps
  6. Vertical knee raises 15 reps

The rest between sets should be 1 – 2 minutes and the set should be repeated 3 times.

The Best Piece Of Home Equipment

As you can conclude, the power tower is the best home fitness tool one can have. It gives an opportunity for beginners as well as advanced ones to have a perfect workout. It is practically all-in-one equipment that contains almost the whole gym within, making it perfect for all muscle groups. It’s very cost-effective and durable, doesn’t need much space, it’s easy to maintain and all of that makes it a desirable home exercise tool. Workout on Power Tower and proper, healthy nutrition can give great results for fat loss or muscle gain.

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