RW7000 Top Home Rowing Machine Review

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Top Home Rowing Machine - exercisingName: RW7000 Rower
A Place to Buy:
Price: $1,199.00 ($55.33 / Month)
Residential Warranty:
Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years
Commercial Warranty:

Frame: 10 Years
Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued and no longer available. Check out here for a very good alternative.

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RW7000 Rower Overview

RW7000 Commercial Rowing Machine has been rated as a top home rowing machine, one of the best in the world. It is built with commercial-grade quality so it can withstand even the toughest workouts you can imagine. It looks professional and it feels the same way, it is the choice of the biggest fitness enthusiasts. The durability and toughness it possesses make it perfect for home use, and gym use as well. It is very easy to assemble it, not challenging at all. As it is built from stainless steel and powder-coated, it requires minimal maintenance. A contoured, U-shaped seat cushion provides support and comfort for your spine. You actually get the feeling it could last forever, and let’s face it, this thing just looks great.

Comfortability, System, And Adjustment

It is very easy to get on and of the rowing machine since it is only 19″ off the floor and position while training is natural. Resistance is accomplished by magnets and air from the fan that gives a realistic feel of rowing, and the harder you pull, resistance rises, just like real rowing. RW7000 top home rowing machine has 16 resistance levels and that is a great thing, it Top Home Rowing Machine - folded

gives a lot of workout variations. The attached transport wheel and a quick release unlock mechanism make it possible to move it around easily and store it. The chain is nickel plated so the movement is smooth and doesn’t rust, low maintenance is something we all appreciate. Adjustable footrests are another benefit because they can be used no matter what is the height of the user.

Computer And Programs

RW700 Rower has a 5.5” blue backlit screen with an adjustable angle for easy viewing and a built-in computer that takes care of all necessary things. It controls resistance levels without you having to do it manually. That comes really Top Home Rowing Machine - console

handy with 8 built-in programs because it adjusts settings automatically as training progresses so you don’t give up and finish the training. On the display, you can monitor distance, calories, time or you can put it in a race mode against the computer and also do a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Those programs and their range of options are a very nice way to prevent training from becoming boring repetition.

Cost Of RW7000 Rower

There are a lot of other rowers that are available at a lower cost but in this case, the price is well justified. If you consider all the benefits of the training it provides, the quality grade of manufacturing, storage capabilities, not to mention professional look, feel, durability, and warranty period it is well worth it. Having RW7000 at home will also save some money and time, considering monthly membership in a gym and time you spend in a gym plus commute. Its price at the time is $1,199.00 and it is also possible to get it for $55.33 / month.

RW7000 Pros And Cons


  • provide incredible performance even with the toughest fitness challenges
  • professional grade
  • long-lasting and durable
  • magnetic and air resistance
  • perform smoothly and without any noise
  • convenient for different users
  • international safety standards, reliable for long-term usage
  • a storage capability great for small space areas
  • extended warranty coverage, 3-year or 5-year extended warranties
  • LCD that displays all the exercise data
  • free shipping with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • chest strap compatible to monitor your heart rate
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 8 workout programs
  • nickel-plated chain


  • doesn’t come equipped with a chest strap (can be bought separately)
  • a bit higher price
  • heavier than some others

Top Home Rowing Machine - the lookRW7000 Rowing Machine Specification

Dimensions- 98.4” L x 24.7” W x 48” H

Monorail Length- Powder-coated, black steel monorail beam with a stainless-steel surface.

Seat- Contoured, U-shaped seat cushion provides support and comfort for your spine.

Seat Height- 19”, allowing you to easily get on and off the commercial rowing machine

Resistance System- Hybrid air rowing machine and adjustable eddy current magnetic rowing machine

Net Weight- 98 lbs.

Gross Weight- 118 lbs.

Max. User Weight- 350 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions- Single Box: 49” L x 41.5” W x 16.5” H

RW7000 Verdict

RW7000 Commercial Rower is one of the best out there at the moment. Professionally built and features make it a piece of perfect equipment for a home gym as for the pro gym. It offers ease of use and comfort, combined with a good price, accompanied by advanced features. That is why it is very appealing for a lot of active people who love exercising. It is a high-performance customer oriented machine with a great warranty backup. If you are searching for a product for your home gym I highly recommend it, it is going to pay out very quickly and you will have great gains with it, an absolute must-have.


XTERRA Fitness Rower

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