Mass Gainer Protein

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Mass gainer protein similar to whey protein is one of the very well-known supplements for bodybuilding that is used by many, especially when they are trying to put up some muscle mass. We all live fast-paced lives, and the majority of the time we are not eating regularly, our nutrition is unbalanced and inadequate.

That kind of life results in either overweight people who just can’t lose any of that annoying fat or skinny ones who can’t put on any mass or should I say muscle mass. That being said, we know that our looks play a major role in how confident we feel and thus how successful we are, and how appealing we are to the opposite sex.

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What Is Mass Gainer?

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Mass gainer protein powder is a high-calorie supplement that contains different levels of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats, amino acids, and various other substances. It is usually lower in protein but higher in carbohydrates and fats, exactly what is needed to be in a caloric surplus in order to be able to gain muscle mass. There are different kinds of mass gainer protein on the market but you should always go for one that has less sugar and more complex carbohydrates.

Why Should You Use It – Benefits

  • it contains carbs – to get the results you want, you need carbs. They provide much-needed energy during the workout and after the workout for glycogen refilling in the muscles since carb levels get depleted during exercise.
  • it contains fiber – fiber is beneficial in removing toxins from our body, improving digestion and absorption of the food, so the food you eat fuels you better
  • it’s providing a surplus – some people have no problem gaining muscle mass no matter the number of calories they consume but more often it is the opposite for the majority of us. Quality mass gainer can provide up to 1000 calories in a shake, calories you need to transform into muscles when exercising
  • recovery, growth, and staying lean – mass gainer, as said before contains proteins, carbs, fats, and other substances. Proteins help in the recovery of the muscles, carbs are the fuel for a good exercise and good healthy fats help you stay lean despite the overall belief
  • avoiding too big meals – a large meal can result in being bloated, the pre-workout meal can also affect your ability to train. The other thing is that you may not feel hungry after the workout to eat a large meal. This is where mass gainer protein powder can make all the difference.

Muscle Building Proces

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Mass gainer protein powder plays a big role in the building process. Fatty acids in it work within your cells producing the hormones responsible for the muscle-building process. Proteins that mass gainer contains works its magic when we rest by repairing muscle tissue and thus making it bigger.

How To Take Mass Gainer

The best recipe to prepare mass gainer protein powder is to put two scoops into water or milk and blend it for a minute. Before consuming this kind of supplement it would be wise to consult a professional who will tell you how exactly to take it. In general, it should be taken 1 – 3 times a day depending on individual goals and preferably post-workout but can also be taken in between meals. Serving size and amount can be adjusted per your preferences, you can even add some fruits to improve the taste and the easiest to do that is with the use of the blender.

Take one serving right after a weight training workout, another serving can be taken some time during a day depending on caloric and nutrition requirements and goals you have set for yourself. Alternatively, if you know that you are going to have a busy day without the time to properly eat, you can take it in the morning to fuel you through the day and help avoid a caloric deficit.


Final Advice

A mass gainer is a great help when it comes to increasing the muscles and size by increasing the daily caloric intake. The most important thing to remember is that if you are taking mass gainer, you have to exercise accordingly, and I don’t mean light or cardio, it has to be weight training. That is because you have to spend all the calories you are getting and transform them into muscles. Otherwise, caloric surplus from mass gainer protein powder will be turned into body fat instead of muscles.

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