Total Gym Fit-Best Full Body Exercise Machine

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Name: Total Gym Fit-Best Full Body Exercise Machine

Best Full Body Exercise Machine - ProductWebsite:


$1,699.95 right now ( $2499.00 full price)

$1,649.95 if paid in full

30-Day Trial Only $1.00

10 Monthly Payments of $169.90

Shipping: Free

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Frame,

Extended 2-Year Warranty on Parts & Priority Processing

Rank: 87 out of 100

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Total Gym Fit, Product Overview

The company that is producing this machine has been around for over forty years. This particular product exists for three years now, it is the best full body exercise machine, or should I say one of them. It works with the help of gravity and your own body weight to produce resistance during the training session.

Movement is made by a slide board that you lay on and pull the cables attached to the board through pulleys. In essence, you are pulling your own body weight instead of weight plates. It moves along the rails which can be adjusted to a higher or lower incline and thus changing the level of resistance. As it is a piece of low-impact equipment, it’s very respectful to the joints.

Best Full Body Exercise Machine - exercising12 resistance settings and more than 85 exercises for strength, flexibility, and cardio health give more than enough variety of exercises for all major muscle groups. Book with workout instructions and workout DVD is included in the package. The possibility of cross-training, rehabilitation, weight loss, and stamina workouts make it a perfect home gym exercise machine.

Who Is It For?

I don’t call it the best full body exercise machine just like that. The reason for it is that anyone can use this. It doesn’t matter if you want just a cardio workout or you are more into strength training, it got you covered. Maybe you had some injury you are recovering from. It can be used as a physical rehabilitation tool too. Great for fat burning also as it makes the user use a lot of energy.

Total Gym Fit Features and Specifications

This machine has a padded bench called Glideboard, which is where you position your body when exercising. Adjusting the angle of the board gives multiple resistance levels. In addition, it comes with a lot of accessories:

  • Best-Selling AbCrunch Accessory & Workout DVD included – Get the Abs of your dreams!
  • Service Extension Upgrades – Extended 2-year Warranty & Priority Processing.
  • 12 levels of resistance for greater control of your workout
  • Best Full Body Exercise Machine - accessoriesUpdated 2-Piece Wing Attachment for a wider range of motion
  • New Ergonomic Glideboard with an extra comfort system
  • New Auto-Lock Height Adjustment System for an easier transition between exercises
  • Upgraded Steel Frame
  • Reinforced Slide Pivot Assembly for extra strength and durability
  • New Custom Fender System delivers a smoother ride
  • Upgraded Pulley and Cable system
  • Leg Pulley Accessory with Detachable Bracket
  • Flexible nylon strap handles
  • Exercise capability – over 85 exercises
  • 450lb weight capacity for total strength and stability

Total Gym Fit Price

On the first look, I got the feeling that it is just too expensive. Even at the moment with the reduced price of $1,699.95 and the possibility of 10 Monthly Payments of $169.90, it seems a lot of money, but let’s think about it. This is the only piece of equipment you actually need at home. It’s the whole gym in one machine, so you can in fact save some money.

If your choice is let’s say a more traditional one you will have to buy a lot more machines than just one, and that will be way more expensive. Those machines are for individual muscle groups, so each for one muscle group as you can imagine gets really costly in the end.

Total Gym offers all of that in just one machine, well what can I say, do the math. As for gym membership, that can be cheaper. But there is no comfortability, more time-consuming and you have to commute there and back. Plus more often than not you have to wait for a machine to be available because someone else is using it.

So, the price of this machine is a little bit higher, but consider what you are getting and you will realize that it is actually a smart choice in the long run. Think of it as an investment.

Some Other Valuable Info

The unit dimensions are: Unfolded: 18.5″ W x 93” L x 44.5” H, Folded: 18.5” W x 50.5” L x 8.5” H. The great thing, the one many people have issues with is assembly. This machine comes fully assembled. You can start using it Best Full Body Exercise Machine - folded

right away and it can be easily folded flat for storage, nice, wouldn’t you say? Being lightweight is also a plus because it can be moved around with ease, it weighs less than 66 pounds.

Total Gym Fit has a 450 lb weight capacity which makes it one very durable machine, it also has a wider board for larger users. Upgraded steel frame and cable pulley system are professional features of this machine.

The Verdict of Total Gym Fit

The Total Gym Fit is a great piece of equipment to buy, it comes from a company that is in this kind of business for decades. All the features and accessories make it the best full-body exercise machine. Works perfectly for strength training, cardio, weight loss (fat burning), and rehabilitation. Suited for all muscle groups with eighty-five exercises and 12 levels of resistance. Excellent for apartments and places with limited storage capacity as it folds and doesn’t take up much space.

The possibility of the monthly payment and free shipping, as well as zero assembly, is a nice feature that comes with it. This equipment is all you need to get in the shape of your life and achieve your fitness goals. Having one at home offers the opportunity to work out when you want and have the time for it.

At the time of writing this, we are all facing COVID 19 pandemic globally. With closed gyms, social distancing, and other restrictions something like this is more valuable than ever. Many of us are missing outdoors runs and walks, so having a machine that offers a full-body workout at home in times when we all have to stay inside is priceless.

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2 thoughts on “Total Gym Fit-Best Full Body Exercise Machine”

  1. I need a home gym. Staying home and not being able to workout is not good. I am glad I found your site which gives an excellent review of the product. It is expensive, but it looks like a quality product and can be easily moved and stored. Definitely at the top of my list of options, love that it uses a a low impact method for working out. I’m getting older and want to be gentler on my body!

    • Yeah, it’s gentle for the joints, and the quality of it is great. As for the price, it is a bit on the expensive side, but then again you are getting the whole gym in one machine and there is an option of the monthly payment which is a big plus. I’m glad you like it, thanks.


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