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With so many sites online offering ultimate abs how to secrets, you have to be extra careful. There are some legit, but most of them are just scams trying to take your money. We are all eager to get a six pack abs, especially before summer, so it’s very easy to get caught up in ads and promises of miracles to lose fat and get those beach abs, only to find out later that it doesn’t work.

None of us is in the mood to play detective and surf online endlessly to find the right thing to do. I bet you are asking yourself right now, what to do to get a six pack abs? Well, let’s see…

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Ultimate Abs How To - poolsideWhat Should You Do to Get a Six Pack Abs?

Many people think about losing fat and building muscles every day, and to the majority, the first thing that comes to mind is to exercise more. Don’t get me wrong, that’s very important, but building muscles and losing fat is primarily done in the kitchen, diet or more accurately nutrition is the key.

No pills or other substances will do the miracle and give you so much wanted six-pack. You just have to eat natural and healthy food. If you eat junk, your abs will look like junk; that’s it. About 10% of success depends on exercising; the rest is about nutrition. By combining the proper diet and exercising, you will have to work hard, and it won’t be fast (like all those gurus promise you), but the results will be there. You can bet on that.

Consuming Your Protein

Proteins are muscle builders, and they also have a significant role in fat burning because of their high thermogenic effect, so the body uses a lot of calories when digesting them. For that very reason, people who are professionals in sports have diets that contain a lot of proteins and look the best, wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, it works the same.

Ultimate Abs How To - six packCarbs, To Eat Or Not To Eat?

It goes without saying that if your goal is to lose fat, carbs have to be limited. If the goal is to build muscles and you don’t have excess fat, you can have them and enjoy them. What about if you want to do both? That is a little tricky, but there is a solution, and it is called Post-Workout Carbs.

After a good workout, your muscles are depleted of glycogen, which is the right time to eat carbs. They won’t turn into fat at that time; instead, they will turn into glycogen and restore its levels in the muscles helping them to recover faster.

OK, that doesn’t mean that you can shove chocolate bars down your throat and get a six pack abs. Eat natural carbs instead, like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oatmeal. Vegetables are good to eat because they are fiber and digested differently than other carbs. Vegetables also give us much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Unsaturated Fats (Healthy Fats)

Unsaturated fats have to be included in the diet too. A good source for those is raw nuts, fish oils, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Fats like that keep insulin at an average level, and that is very important to lose belly fat and get a six pack Ultimate Abs How To - pull ups

abs. Just don’t overdo it, too much of any food will make you gain fat. Fats are good for you if you want that nice look of your dreams.

Avoid low-fat diets and products. They are full of corn syrup that turns into sugar in your body. A balanced diet combines protein-rich food, leafy green vegetables( good carbs), and healthy fats. It will change how your metabolism works and burn fat more efficiently.

Full Body Exercises to Get a Six Pack Abs

There is a common belief that the ultimate abs how to secret means a lot of crunches. A far better way to get a six pack abs is compound full-body exercises. You will burn way more fat and have a more significant muscle-building effect than crunches or sit-ups. An hour of compound workouts is so much more efficient than an hour of crunches, and it’s all about productivity.

At the same time, not only does six-pack building occur, but the building of all muscles in the body gets done too. Working only on abs doesn’t need to be more than 20-30 minutes, up to three times a week. Ultimate Abs How To - bodyweight machine

The rest of the time, do a full-body workout, and the results will be there.

Here are some great machines and equipment for a compound workout:

Cardio Or Something Else?

I’m sure you have heard that the best way to burn fat is steady-state cardio, or should I say long and slow pace cardio. There is a better way, and it Ultimate Abs How To - rowing machine

is called HIIT (high intensity interval training). For example, you can do HIIT on the elliptical as a beginner. There are multiple combinations of settings at your disposal with an excellent elliptical so that you can push it to the maximum for 30 seconds and, rest for 1 minute, repeat everything at least 10 times.

As you progress, you can include abs exercises such as crunches and sit-ups or any other depending on your preferences in the HIIT. Do those at a moderate pace during that recovery minute. The additional benefit of HIIT is that it doesn’t take much time, 15-20 minutes is all it takes to get an excellent workout, and you can carry on with your daily routine.

It All Comes Down To…

Well, to get a six pack abs and that perfect beach look that everyone admires, you have to be consistent with the proper Ultimate Abs How To - cycling

diet and workout. Compound exercises and nutritious food packed with proteins, healthy fats, and good fiber carbs at the right time is the key. Supplements can’t be a substitute for a meal, but they can help get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but only if they aren’t acquired from natural food.

It is evident that the ultimate abs how to secrets aren’t some pills, supplements, or magic. It’s foremost good food and after that efficient workout preferable on some compound machine or equipment to maximize results. Accomplishing your goals takes time; it is not a quick process. Look at it this way, you are working on yourself, having fun, and keeping your body and mind healthy. What more is there to ask for?

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  1. Hmmmm scammers are every way as you said, we need to be careful. This post is very timely,  because right now everyone want to get money fast without working for the money. Talking  about fat and muscle, I never new there are different between building muscles and losing fat. You also mentioned that it is primarily done in the kitchen, diet or more accurately nutrition is the key. Wow thanks again, is one of those articles I will like to re read.

    • Thank you very much. Yeah, there is no quick fix, just being persistent, activities, and healthy food, that’s it.


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