What foods to avoid to lose weight?

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When we are talking about weight loss, it’s all about food. What we eat and drink is 70% of success in weight loss, the remaining 30% is proper exercise. Some foods help you lose weight and others quite the opposite, so be careful about those. What foods to avoid to lose weight? Here we are talking about 10 of those, so keep an eye on them.

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French Fries

What foods to avoid to lose weight - fries

French fries are part of the fast-food group which is particularly unhealthy and makes you fat. They are full of starch (carbohydrates) and because they are usually fried in a lot of oil, they are also full of bad unhealthy fats. They are not filling enough which is not a good thing because that is the easiest way to overeat without even knowing, especially since this a high-calorie food.

Sweetened Beverages

What foods to avoid to lose weight - soda

Drinks like soda and similar are some of the unhealthiest things you can put in your body. Those are absolutely associated with weight gaining and can have disastrous consequences for your health. Excessively packed with sugar and empty calories and that is the problem because our brain doesn’t detect those calories and you end up adding those to the usual intake of food during the day. Avoid at all costs.


What foods to avoid to lose weight - bread

White bread also contains a lot of sugar and has a high glycemic index which is very bad in turn of rising blood sugar level. Being full of starch, it will definitely make you gain weight. An alternative is a Wholegrain bread or even better Ezekiel bread. If you are on a Keto diet, almond flour bread is the right way to go.

Chocolate Bars, Candy Bars…

What foods to avoid to lose weight - bars

Excessive amounts of sugar, oil, and refined flour make them extremely unhealthy and fattening. The usual size bar can have very well over 300 calories and bigger ones even more. Just run away from them, believe me, it’s not something you want to put in your mouth, not if you want to lose weight anyway. When you have cravings replace them with nuts.


What foods to avoid to lose weight - juice

Juices that you can buy these days have little or even nothing to do with actual fruit. They are highly processed, full of sugar, and in most cases made from concentrate. Eat whole fruit instead, it is more filling and has fewer calories and sugar.

Cookies and Cakes

What foods to avoid to lose weight - cake

Besides sugar, they contain artificial trans fats which are extremely harmful and connected to a lot of diseases. Low in nutrients and high in calories, they should be avoided whenever possible.


What foods to avoid to lose weight - beer

Well, this is the tricky one. A lot of people even experts say that alcohol is also one of the factors that increase your weight. This true, but it is not actually alcohol that causes weight gain. The thing is that our body prefers to use alcohol as an energy source if it has access to it. Meaning, that all the food we ate at the same time when we were drinking gets stored in form of fat in our body. Without food, alcohol by itself is not actually making us gain weight, or should I say fat. Don’t eat and drink alcohol.

Fast Food

What foods to avoid to lose weight - burger

Pizzas, hamburgers, and such are extremely unhealthy, full of excess calories, ingredients like processed meat, bad fats, and so on. Junk food has a bad influence on cholesterol as well. A combination of all of that with a bun made of the same dough as white bread gives you one very fattening meal.

Ice Cream

What foods to avoid to lose weight - ice cream

Ice cream is delicious, something we all enjoy but it’s also filled with sugar and high in calories. It’s very easy to eat too much of it, lets face it, it’s hard to stop when you start and you have eaten a whole bowl in no time, right? A good alternative is to make ice cream at home, the one that has a lot less sugar and healthier ingredients.

Low-fat Foods

What foods to avoid to lose weight - ilow fat

The first problem with low-fat foods is that people tend to eat much larger amounts when they know it’s low-fat. The other thing is the flavor that gets taken out of the food along with the fat. To compensate for that, food production companies are adding sugar and very often corn syrup which is the worst thing you can consume ever.


So, what foods to avoid to lose weight? I’m sure you have noticed that through all of these foods the main problem is sugar or starch. They are both carbs and since the human body isn’t capable of storing carbs it turns them to fat and then stores that fat if it isn’t being used. To lose weight you have to avoid sugary and starchy food, be careful about low-fat food and always read the products ingredients label.

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