HIIT or Weights, What’s Better?

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There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to fitness. There are a variety of workouts you can choose from to ensure you are challenging your body and getting the most results possible. Most people will try a workout method and then give up because they don’t see the desired results in a reasonable time frame. There may be more effective ways to get your sweat on if you fall into this category. Check out do you prefer HIIT or weights.

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How to Choose Between HIIT and Weights

A lot of people these days choose between HIIT or weights. Some opt to do both. When starting a fitness routine, it is always good to look at the pros and cons of these two options so you will be able to see which one works best for you and your goals.

HIIT or Weights - hiit workout

HIIT pros

  • time-efficient
  • burn more fat
  • do it anywhere
  • increases metabolism

HIIT cons

  • not for everyone
  • can cause dizziness
  • muscle soreness
  • risk of injury

HIIT or Weights - weights lifting

Weight lifting pros

Weight lifting cons

  • learning curve & safety
  • can cause unhealthy eating
  • lack of cardio
  • need of equipment

Comparing the Two: Which is Better?

HIIT or weights - comparation

Once you have settled up, start by comparing HIIT or weights, two different but popular exercise programs. You could argue that if people would rather run 5 miles or do 20 minutes on a treadmill compared to lifting weights, there have to be some big differences that make them choose one over the other.

HIIT can be done in a lot of different ways. You can do it with or without the equipment, for instance, by running or doing bodyweight exercises. All you actually need is a good workout plan or maybe a workout app, and you are all set. You will definitely need equipment or a gym membership for weight lifting, and there’s no other way. That kind of workout is more expensive.

Tips for Starting a HIIT or Weights Routine

Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, either a HIIT or weights lifting routine would be a good way to train. Most people want to lose those last 10 pounds before the holidays, and if that’s your goal, then a mixture of cardio with weights is probably best. A good starting routine for beginners :

Monday: Strength Training: Upper Body

Tuesday: HIIT Workout

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Strength Training: Lower Body

Friday: HIIT Workout

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST

You can include more workout days as you progress, but training is not recommended every day. Always take at least one day to rest your body.

FAQs about HIIT and Weights

HIIT or Weights - muscles building

HIIT, standing for high-intensity interval training, and weights are both very effective workouts. HIIT is great for agility, mobility, and endurance. Weight lifting is better for building the muscular body and gaining strength. Both of them build muscles, weight lifting is just better at it. They are both beneficial for weight loss and a healthier body. But which is better? Since everyone has different fitness goals, it’s better to ask yourself what kind of results you want to see before determining whether HIIT or weights are better for you.

HIIT or Weights - endurance


You have some highlights of the benefits and drawbacks of high intensity interval training workouts and strength-building exercises in a very competitive arena. This is all thanks to the continued growth of more time-efficient health & wellness programs. Now you can choose what is best for you and what you like more. In my opinion, the combination of both works the best and yields the best results.

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