Why the Noom Diet is Taking Over the Weight Loss World

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The Noom diet, or Noom Diet as it’s officially called, has been making waves in the weight loss community over the past few years. Based on the concept of healthy delicious eating and designed by James Duigan, the Noom diet focuses on keeping you full with healthy meals while still allowing you to indulge your tastebuds without feeling guilty. Here’s why the Noom diet could be right for you if you’re looking to make healthier food choices this year.

What is the Noom diet?

Noom diet plan is a weight loss program that guides you through how to eat and exercise. The goal of the noom diet plan is to balance your hormones and nourish your cells in order to burn fat faster. To start, you enter your height, weight, sex, and age into a calculator on the noom app which will tell you what your recommended daily calorie intake should be.

Once you know how many calories to eat per day, there are two ways to go about eating them: The first option is called My Plate which consists of three meals plus two snacks each day. The second option is called My Tracker which consists of five meals per day with an extra snack before bedtime. These options can be switched around according to your preference as well.

What do you eat on the Noom diet?

The noom diet plan, which was created by a physician, consists of three simple parts: eat three meals and two snacks each day, follow a 10-15% carbohydrate diet, and exercise for 150 minutes per week.

The key to this diet plan is that it includes healthful foods like whole grains and vegetables with only 10-15% carbs from things like breads and cereal. The idea behind this is to keep blood sugar levels stable so that there are no spikes or drops in energy.

This can be hard for some people because it means completely eliminating high-sugar cereals and fast food restaurants. But what’s great about this diet plan is that you can still have your favorite desserts and alcohol in moderation. Another cool thing about the Noom diet? You get to see results quickly.

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Studies have shown people who use the noom diet lost 5 pounds on average after just one month of following their plan! Plus, if you don’t feel like cooking but need something quick on-the-go, many grocery stores now sell pre-packaged meal options that are low calorie and healthy – perfect for someone trying to lose weight! In the first week, you can focus on following the tracker and cutting out sugar from your life as much as possible.

Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day and take supplements like probiotics, vitamin D3, calcium citrate, L-carnitine tartrate (to help breakdown fats), choline bitartrate (to increase metabolism), Rhodiola Rosea extract (for mood), Omega 3 fish oil capsules (to lower cholesterol). You can also follow this by eating more protein throughout the day by adding eggs or grilled chicken to the plate at breakfast time.

How does it work?

Noom uses a mobile app that you can use from your phone to track your food, activities, and sleep. It also has personal weight loss coaches who provide feedback on what you’re eating, how much activity you’re getting, and how well you’re sleeping. The app then creates a personalized weight loss program for you that’s tailored to your goals, available at any time of day or night.

You’ll receive reminders about when it’s time for your next meal or workout and will be able to chat with other people in the program about struggles or successes they’ve had. The Noom diet is perfect for those looking for a complete lifestyle change and not just something to lose weight quickly- it teaches you all the skills you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle after reaching your goal!

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The Noom diet is gaining popularity because of its focus on food quality and mindful eating. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift away from diets that promote counting calories and instead moving towards diets that focus on sustainable, healthy weight loss. The no-diet approach was popularized by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan in his book The Dukan Diet in 2011, but the principles have been around for centuries with different names like lemonade fasting or Greek yogurt diet.

Noom specifically targets those who want to lose weight for health reasons rather than for aesthetic purposes. It’s not about feeling good, it’s about being good.

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