Workout To Build Leg Muscles

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There is a good reason why so many people hate a leg day, workout to build leg muscles is the toughest. That’s not all, days afterwords are difficult as well because of soreness which is a lot worse with leg exercises than any other muscle group.

Workout To Build Leg Muscles - leg press

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Now, with all that said, leg day is the essential part of a good workout routine constructed of compound exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Those are the foundation to build a fit and healthy body and to achieve your gym, sport, and everyday goals. Leg day is perfect for burning calories and the cardiovascular system. This kind of workout to build leg muscles focuses on your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core to help you build bigger legs.

Workout To Build Leg Muscles - deadlift

Before getting on with any kind of exercise be sure to consult your doctor to get the information about what kind of exercise is right and safe for you. Also, before any workout, you should warm up properly to avoid possible injuries.

Exercises To Build Leg Muscles

If the gains are what you want, here is the workout to build leg muscles. It is certainly a good plan to get you started. Oh, don’t forget to have a proper and balanced diet, that’s very important.

Box Jumps

This one will get your heart rate up in just a few seconds. There is no need for sophisticated gym equipment, you only need a box of a proper size for you, jump on the box and back down, repeat. This will also help you to have a better balance.


Deadlifts are one of the most crucial exercises being among the three most important compound lifts of your leg workout. Doing deadlifts you will have great gains, so don’t avoid them.

Leg Press

Similar to squats, this exercise activates the same muscle group. Getting into the gym and working on leg press will do wonders for your leg muscles, and it is more interesting than doing just squats.

Standing Calf Raise

Calves are specific muscles in your legs, and targeting them is as important as the rest of the leg muscles. Standing barbell calf raise is a simple enough lift but it will give you serious gains if you stick to it.

Barbell Lunges

This exercise can be done with a barbell or dumbbells but a barbell gives you a better workout since it gives a better balance and you can put more weight on it. Lunges work entire lower body muscles, especially the quads.

Seated Leg Curls/Extensions

Let’s move a little from the weights onto the machine. Leg curls and extensions are different, exactly opposite of each other but they can be done on the same machine anyway. In the case of the curls, you have a pulling motion. With extensions, we have a pushing motion, both being great muscle builders. Here we are targeting quads and hamstrings.


Squats are considered the most important leg exercise of them all. You can do squats with a barbell, dumbbells, or resistance bands to add more resistance. Learning the proper form is imperative to get the most out of it. Be consistent with these and soon you won’t believe how your legs look like.


This exercise makes things more interesting, it’s like a one-legged squat. These are somewhat advanced and require a good balance and some strength developed already since you have to do them on one leg.

Glute Bridges

As the name says, this exercise will help you gain glute muscles. A lot of energy gets used during the performance of this kind of workout, it’s easy to get in the exercising position but it works those glutes properly.

Incline Sprints

A good treadmill that can be adjusted to an incline position will come in real handy here. Sprints are very demanding on your glutes and hamstrings. If your legs are week it’s going to get really difficult because you are sprinting incline, it’s like sprinting up the hill. Just keep it up and it will get easier and in the process of it, you will build some serious muscles.

There you have it, a workout to build leg muscles. Try to follow along and you’ll have nice muscular legs in no time.

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